Andrew LaPerre

Inside Sales Associate

I am Andrew LaPerre and I first fell in love with Real Estate when I was 15 years old. I spent the next three years planning on how I could get involved in the Real Estate world. From the time I was 16 until I was 18 I worked as an executive assistant for a Real Estate company. I handled everything from marketing and calling clients, to back ground work such as entering property info and setting and confirming appointments for agents. The day I turned 18 was the day I got my Real Estate agent license and since that day I have been learning and growing as a Real Estate agent to be able to help every client to the best of my ability.

I was born and raised in Michigan and have always been in love with where I live. My main goal is to give everyone of my clients the best possible experience I can give and in turn allowing myself to help as many people as I can sell their homes and find their dream homes in the process.

Direct: 855- JEFFSELLS